Gregor Staiger, Zurich

Gregor Staiger and Marie Lusa on their temporary space in Milan

After the Coronavirus emergency, the news of the opening of the Gregor Staiger gallery in Milan is especially welcome: it represents the re-appearance of a high-profile international gallery, with a high-quality program, returning with confidence to the Lombard capital after difficult months of forced closure. “We asked ourselves about our role,” says Marie Lusa, co-founder of the gallery, “as producers of culture, we felt the responsibility to go back to complete what we had started”.


T293, Rome

Interview with Marco Altavilla and Paola Guadagnino

In a time when galleries tend to be global enterprises, Rome-based gallery T293 still finds its potential and identity in their locale. Rather than running from one fair to the other, Marco Altavilla and Paola Guadagnino aim to create a sort of private ‘Kunsthalle’, a place of cultural production in open dialogue with the public and with other disciplines.


Emkan, Tehran

Interview with Behzad Nejadghanbar, founder of the gallery Emkan in Tehran

My trip to Iran was one of the most beautiful travels I have ever done. One of the person I have to thank for is gallerist and curator Behzad Nejadghanbar, who showed us Tehran’s contemporary art scene and also its people’s generosity. Here his story.


Thomas Dane Gallery, London-Naples

Interview with Thomas Dane, founder of Thomas Dane Gallery in London and Naples

One of the most stunning views of the Gulf of Naples is the one you can enjoy from the gallery of Thomas Dane, located in Villa Ruffo in Via Crispi and inaugurated in 2018. A longstanding presence in the art world, Thomas Dane has been involved with London’s evolving art scene since the 1990s and has been witness to its constant changing since then. In this interview the gallerist shares his memories of some key moments of his career, his role models, and his thoughts about the future of the art market.

Holly White, Orange World, Courtesy Cordova ©Roberto Ruiz

Cordova, Barcelona

Interview with Cory Scozzari, founder of the gallery Cordova in Barcelona

Cordova is a curatorial project based in Barcelona. In this interview Cory Scozzari talks about his origins with curatorial work in Vienna, his current program of solo exhibitions, performances and events, and his plans for the future.


650mAh, Hove

Interview with Ella Fleck & Tabitha Steinberg, founders of the gallery 650mAh in Hove

You wouldn’t expect to come across a gallery for contemporary art inside a vape shop. Yet that is what you find in the back room of Mist Vape Shop in Hove, East Sussex, England. By settling in an existing commercial business, the directors of 650mAh, Ella Fleck and Tabitha Steinberg, are challenging the traditional gallery model. Far from the usual art epicenters, they welcome a diverse public and add something really new to the local scene.

Ēriks Apaļais, Institutional Gambling, 2017/2018, Installation view, Courtesy Alma Gallery

Alma, Riga

Interview with Astrīda Riņķe, founder of the gallery Alma in Riga

With its first Biennial in 2018, Riga has become an essential city when thinking about contemporary art. Alma, as one of the most significant galleries for contemporary art in the Latvian capital, was one of the participating galleries. In 2005 Astrīda Riņķe opened her gallery with Ilva Krišane. Since then the gallery has focused on Latvian artists working in diverse media.

Mateusz Chorobski, Cream, 2018, Exhibition view, Courtesy Wschód

Wschód, Warsaw

Interview with Piotr Drewko, founder of the gallery Wschód in Warsaw

Piotr Drewko opened his gallery in 2017 because he believes that in art what we see depends on what we know and Piotr Drewko wanted to know more. Before the gallery settled down permanently in Warsaw it had been a project space, with curatorial projects taking place in selected locations across Europe. A strain of this idea remains in the gallery’s work: Along with the roster of artists Piotr Drewko represents there are also a number of artists he frequently collaborates with.


Misako & Rosen, Tokyo

Interview with Jeffrey Rosen and Misako Rosen, founders of the gallery Misako & Rosen in Tokyo

Although Japan does not have a strong art market, it has a rich gallery scene which is constantly evolving. Jeffrey Rosen and Misako Rosen have been involved with it for a long time. In this interview they tell us about its development from the first generation of galleries to the present scene, and about their idea of rooting contemporary art in everyday life.

Forbidden to Forbid curated by Paul Clinton, Bouquet by Ruiz Stephinson, 2018, Courtesy Goswell Road and Balice Hertling

Goswell Road, Paris

Interview with Coralie Ruiz and Anthony Stephinson, founder of Goswell Road

Goswell Road is a space run by Coralie Ruiz and Anthony Stephinson, two artists who opened up their atelier to other artists. Departing from the traditional concept of the gallery, Goswell Road aims to compensate for the lack of representation of many artists in Paris. In this interview they talk about moving their space over several places in Paris and even having a Goswell House in the countryside.

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