T293, Rome

Interview with Marco Altavilla and Paola Guadagnino

In a time when galleries tend to be global enterprises, Rome-based gallery T293 still finds its potential and identity in their locale. Rather than running from one fair to the other, Marco Altavilla and Paola Guadagnino aim to create a sort of private ‘Kunsthalle’, a place of cultural production in open dialogue with the public and with other disciplines.


Thomas Dane Gallery, London-Naples

Interview with Thomas Dane, founder of Thomas Dane Gallery in London and Naples

One of the most stunning views of the Gulf of Naples is the one you can enjoy from the gallery of Thomas Dane, located in Villa Ruffo in Via Crispi and inaugurated in 2018. A longstanding presence in the art world, Thomas Dane has been involved with London’s evolving art scene since the 1990s and has been witness to its constant changing since then. In this interview the gallerist shares his memories of some key moments of his career, his role models, and his thoughts about the future of the art market.


Green Art Gallery, Dubai

Interview with Yasmin Atassi, owner of Green Art Gallery in Dubai

The first gallery from Dubai to show in Art Basel in 2012 and one of the major players in the development of the art scene in the Emirates, Green Art Gallery has a long story to tell. In fact its origins date back to the 1980s in Syria.

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