Rolando Anselmi, Berlin

Interview with Rolando Anselmi, founder of Galerie Rolando Anselmi in Berlin

An Italian architect in Berlin, a concert of Martin Creed, a new gallery in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Rolando Anselmi told us his story, about how he arrived to the German capital in 2013 to study the cultural program of the Weimar Republic, and ended up opening a gallery for contemporary art, which now has a project space in Rome, as well.

Late Breakfast, Alexander Marchuk, 2014

Leslie, Berlin

Interview with Leslie Frey, founder of the gallery Leslie in Berlin

Leslie Gallery is just off Kottbusser Tor, in a neighborhood that since the 1960s is quite down-to-earth, but is now developing into a new creative area, with architectural offices, graphic design studios and designers.

Mariechen Danz, Womb Tomb, 2015, Installation view at Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin

Tanja Wagner, Berlin

Interview with Tanja Wagner, founder of the gallery Tanja Wagner in Berlin

Tanja Wagner lives in transit. She represents her artists not only at international art fairs, but she travels all over the world to visit their exhibitions, support them on site, and strengthen their network with collectors as well as curators.

Adrian Hermanides, Installation view

Xavier Laboulbenne, Berlin

Interview with Xavier Laboulbenne, founder of the gallery Xavier Laboulbenne in Berlin

Xavier Laboulbenne is not a young gallerist. He has been in the art business for more than 25 years. But his Berlin gallery is young. He opened it in 2012 after having lived in the city for 15 years and having worked as a writer and a curator.

Revenant: Don’t Expect Anything a séance mediated by Paolo Chiasera, Installation view at Daniel Marzona, Berlin

Daniel Marzona, Berlin

Interview with Daniel Marzona, founder of the gallery Daniel Marzona in Berlin

“Don’t expect anything.” The title of Paolo Chiasera’s exhibition at Daniel Marzona’s gallery could be a leitmotif for Marzona himself. The son of the internationally known art collector Egidio Marzona, after having worked for seven years at Konrad Fischer’s Berlin branch, Daniel Marzona now goes his own way with his Berlin gallery, opened in 2014 at the southern end of Friedrichstrasse.

Sina Werner, “Die Operation der Verschiebung”, 2013, installation view, Alexander Levy

Alexander Levy, Berlin

Interview with Alexander Levy, founder of the gallery Alexander Levy in Berlin

Alexander Levy left the music business for the art world. With his decision to turn his father’s Berlin outpost into a gallery for young art, he brought a breath of fresh air to the Rudi-Dutschke-Straße right in the middle of the newspaper district. Here is the story of how everything happened.

Installation view of Henrik Eiben's exhibition "La grande ombra" at Schwarz Contemporary, September 2015, Photo: def image, Courtesy Schwarz Contemporary

Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin

Interview with Anne Schwarz, founder of the gallery Schwarz Contemporary in Berlin

When you go to visit Schwarz Contemporary, in the hip neighborhood of Neukölln, you wonder where the entrance is. The gallery, in fact, has two windows on the street, but the frosted glass does not allow you to look inside. Take the gate to the backyard and there, on the left hand, you find the door: an original 1950s entrance in wood and glass with authentic buzzer and registration desk.

Heike Kabisch, Installation view, Solo exhibition at Chert, Berlin, November 2014

Chert Lüdde, Berlin

Interview with Jennifer Chert, founder of the gallery Chert in Berlin

Hidden in a Kreuzberg courtyard on Skalitzer Straße is Chert, founded in 2008 by the Italian gallerist Jennifer Chert. Located in a former automobile repair shop and garage, the gallery is neighbor to Motto, a bookstore and publisher of artists’ books.

Marguerite Humeau, Echoes, 2015, Installation view

Duve, Berlin

Interview with Alexander Duve, founder of the gallery Duve in Berlin

When Marguerite Humeau had her solo show at Duve in May 2015, Alexander Duve allowed her to turn his gallery from a white cube to an hypnotic yellow room, which was entirely painted with color mixed with two grams of the deadly poisonous venom of the black mamba snake. For the entire duration of the show, two graceful white sculptures dispensed potions and antidotes, bodily fluids with powers of life and death.

Kate Steciw, ACTIFE PLASSITY Installation view, 2014

Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin

Interview with Barak Bar-Am, co-founder of the gallery Neumeister Bar-Am in Berlin

Can Berlin’s bourgeois Charlottenburg district become a place for young and innovative art galleries? Yes, according to Barak Bar-Am, who opened his gallery there in September 2013 with Jean-Pierre Neumeister. The gallery Neumeister Bar-Am is located on the second floor of the old post office on Goethestrasse, a red-brick and grey-sandstone building from the end of the 19th century shared with established Berlin gallery Max Hetzler. Other neighbors are Lars Friedrich, Mathew, and Silberkuppe.

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