Max Mayer, Düsseldorf

Interview with Max Mayer, founder of the gallery Max Mayer in Düsseldorf

The son of famous gallery owner Hans Mayer, Max Mayer opened his gallery in 2011 after having studied Art History and Curatorial Studies. His aim was to develop long lasting collaborative relationships with the artists he admired. And in order to do that, he at first decided he did not need a physical space. In this interview he reveals what he learned from his father, from his artists, and his thoughts on running a gallery after the financial crisis.


Ribot Gallery, Milan

Interview with Monica Bottani, founder of the Ribot Gallery in Milan

There was once a horse named Ribot, and although he did not have the build for racing, he nevertheless became a champion in the past century. “He is the good luck omen for my artists” explains Monica Bottani, the founder of the Ribot Gallery in Milan. On a hot summer afternoon we visited the gallery in the Citta Studi area, not far from the famous Bar Basso.


Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna

Interview with Sophie Tappeiner, founder of the gallery Sophie Tappeiner in Vienna

We became acquainted with Sophie Tappeiner’s gallery at the 2018 edition of Miart, Milan’s modern and contemporary art fair, where she was awarded the LCA Prize for the best booth in the Emergent section for her solo exhibition of Angelika Loderer. Marking her first participation in an art fair, it was a flawless presentation. This is the story of her up-and-coming gallery.


Gypsum, Cairo

Interview with Aleya Hamza, founder of the gallery Gypsum in Cairo

When Gypsum opened in 2013, the model of the international commercial art gallery did not really exist in Egypt. Since that days Aleya Hamza is working on building up her gallery for an international audience in a city that is off the beaten track.


Stalla Madulain, Engadin

Interview with Chasper Schmidlin and Gian Tumasch Appenzeller, founder of the gallery Stalla Madulain in Engadin

Today Engadin might be better known as a luxurious skiing resort, but the region actually is known also for its cultural and artistic tradition. In fact, Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Friedrich Nietzsche, and of course Giovanni Segantini and the Giacometti family are associated with the area. Contemporary art is also spreading quickly in the region, with new boutique fairs for art and design and international art galleries opening branches to lure the rich tourists. But one gallery is deeply rooted in the local tradition, Stalla Madulain, founded by two young men in the small village of Madulain.

Beatriz Olabarrieta, Familiar faces, key, no audience, 2017, Installation view, Courtesy The Sunday Painter

The Sunday Painter, London

Interview with Harry Beer, Tom Cole and Will Jarvis, founder of the gallery The Sunday Painter in London

When Harry Beer, Tom Cole and Will Jarvis were in art school together, they were called the “Sunday Painters” by one of their tutors. Later the three founders of The Sunday Painter ran studios alongside the gallery. That was ten years ago. Last year The Sunday Painter moved to a new and bigger space that was designed to fullfill the special needs of the gallery.

Kitti Gosztola, Botanics and Politics, 2016, Installation view, Photo: Ferenc Eln, Courtesy of Kisterem

Kisterem, Budapest

Interview with Margit Valkó, founder of the gallery Kisterem in Budapest

From young emerging artists to the well established neo-avantgarde generation of artists, Kisterem displays the diversity of the Budapest art scene in its program. In this interview Margit Valkó talks about collaboration, artists exchanges and what the gallery experienced in its first ten years.


Leto, Warsaw

Interview with Marta Kołakowska, founder of the gallery Leto in Warsaw

In a very candid interview, Marta Kołakowska – who has been described by Los Angeles curator Martha Kirzenbaum in The New York Times as “one of the most generous and unmissable forces in the Polish art world” – told us about what it’s like to run a gallery in Poland in these troubled times. But she hasn’t lost hope.


Berthold Pott, Cologne

Interview with Berthold Pott, co-founder of the gallery Berthold Pott in Cologne

A gallery deeply rooted in the Cologne art scene, striving to continue the fruitful artistic exchange that took place between the Rhine city and New York in the 1960s and 1970s. In this interview Berthold Pott told us about his program, about the state of painting today, and about his strategy to success as a mid-size gallery in the global art world.


Giorgio Galotti, Turin

Interview with Giorgio Galotti, founder of the gallery Giorgio Galotti in Turin

Giorgio Galotti gave up a law career to work in the arts. After settling in Turin two years ago, Galotti opened a gallery and started a small, curated art fair called Dama, taking place from November 2nd to 5th in the historic Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana. The reason? Because Galotti believes that collaborative projects like this are the future of galleries.

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