Nils Alix-Tabeling, Barbara Kapusta, In Middens, 2017, Installation view, Photo Simon Veres, Courtesy Gianni Manhattan and the artist

Gianni Manhattan, Vienna

Interview with Laura Windhager, founder of the gallery Gianni Manhattan in Vienna

Laura Windhager’s ambition for her newly opened gallery Gianni Manhattan is motivated by an interest in joining forces and collaborating by sharing resources and knowledge with others in the burgeoning art scene in Vienna. In the past two years many new project spaces and galleries have opened and the times seem right for new ideas.

Josep Maynou, Leisure, Installation view, 2017, Courtesy Bombon Projects

Bombon Projects, Barcelona

Interview with Bernat Daviu and Joana Roda, founders of the gallery Bombon Projects in Barcelona

Be wild and have fun. This is what the founders of Bombon Projects tell their artists. Bernat Daviu, an artist with experience in an auction house, and Joana Roda, an art historian, opened their gallery in Barcelona despite the difficulties of running such a business in the Catalan city. But they seem to do just fine, thanks to their humorous approach.

Linus Bill + Adrien Horni, Gemälde Linus + Adrien, 2017, Exhibition view, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Photo by Jeroen de Smalen, Courtesy the artist and Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam

Interview with Ellen de Bruijne, founder of the gallery Ellen de Bruijne Projects in Amsterdam

Ellen de Bruijne first came into contact with contemporary art through her farther, later she has been working for art projects and museums. In 1999 she opened her own gallery in Amsterdam with a program that is focusing on new tendencies in performative art, social related art and installations.

Jose Dávila, Nic Hess, Arcangelo Sassolino, Sign o’ the Times, 2017, Installation view, Photo Simon Vogel, Courtesy the artist and Philipp von Rosen Galerie

Philipp von Rosen, Cologne

Interview with Philipp von Rosen, founder of the gallery Philipp von Rosen

With its fair Art Cologne and a long tradition of art collecting, Cologne is one of the most important art cities in Germany. Philipp von Rosen talks about his reasons for running his gallery here, and not in the ‘somewhat overhyped Berlin’, and how it all started years ago with a girl in high school he wanted to impress.


Ermes-Ermes, Vienna

Interview with Ilaria Leoni, founder of the gallery Ermes-Ermes in Vienna

After wandering as a nomadic gallery in Rome and in Milan for two years, Ermes-Ermes was opened as a permanent space in Vienna in March 2017 to show Italian and international artists. The gallery founder Ilaria Leoni told us about her vision.

Gerda Scheepers, Body Corporate, Installation view, 2016, Courtesy the artist and Mary Mary

Mary, Mary, Glasgow

Interview with Hannah Robinson, founder of the gallery Mary, Mary in Glasgow

While still in art school, Hannah Robinson begun to organize exhibitions, later she was running a project space in her apartment. So it has been a pretty organic decision to open the gallery in 2006. Since than she works in Glasgow where the gallery is located, to support her artists in exhibitions and at fairs all over the art world.

Stéphanie Saadé, The Second Space, 2017, Exhibition view, Courtesy of Marfa'

Marfa’, Beirut

Interview with Joumana Asseily, founder of the gallery Marfa' in Beirut

Having been an art collector in Los Angeles Joumana Asseily, became a gallerist in Beirut where the art scene is blossoming and in need of spaces to develop after many years of turbulence. For her gallery, Asseily chose the city’s port area, which has already inspired some of her artists.

Daniel Jacoby, Sydney no tendría nada que ocultar si otros no tuvieran nada que temer, Exhibition view Madrid, 2016, Photo by Roberto Ruiz, Courtesy of Maisterravalbuena and the artist

Maisterravalbuena, Madrid/Lisbon

Interview with Pedro Maisterra and Belén Valbuena, founder of the gallery Maisterravalbuena in Madrid and Lisbon

With the opening of a second space in Portugal in mid May, Maisterravalbuena has expanded not only from Madrid to Lisbon but also aims to create a network between these two art scenes. Here the two gallerists explain why Belén Valbuena moved to Lisbon and why it is important to make thousands of little decisions thoughtfully.


Rolando Anselmi, Berlin

Interview with Rolando Anselmi, founder of Galerie Rolando Anselmi in Berlin

An Italian architect in Berlin, a concert of Martin Creed, a new gallery in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Rolando Anselmi told us his story, about how he arrived to the German capital in 2013 to study the cultural program of the Weimar Republic, and ended up opening a gallery for contemporary art, which now has a project space in Rome, as well.


Madragoa, Lisbon

Interview with Matteo Consonni, co-founder of the gallery Madragoa in Lisbon

Lisbon is attracting more and more attention for its art and creative scene. Last year the Spanish art fair Arco opened a Portuguese branch here, which will be celebrating its second edition in a couple of weeks, and last October the Edp Foundation inaugurated its new museum, the Maat. The terrain is also fertile for new galleries opening their headquarters here. One is Madragoa, an initiative by Portuguese Gonçalo Jesus and Italian Matteo Consonni, who told us his story.

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