Forbidden to Forbid curated by Paul Clinton, Bouquet by Ruiz Stephinson, 2018, Courtesy Goswell Road and Balice Hertling

Goswell Road, Paris

Interview with Coralie Ruiz and Anthony Stephinson, founder of Goswell Road

Goswell Road is a space run by Coralie Ruiz and Anthony Stephinson, two artists who opened up their atelier to other artists. Departing from the traditional concept of the gallery, Goswell Road aims to compensate for the lack of representation of many artists in Paris. In this interview they talk about moving their space over several places in Paris and even having a Goswell House in the countryside.

Derek Sullivan, Choices, choices, choices, 2016, Photo credit Aurélien Mole, Courtesy Emmanuel Hervé

Galerie Emmanuel Hervé, Paris

Interview with Emmanuel Hervé, founder of Galerie Emmanuel Hervé in Paris

Emmanuel Hervé liked the idea of being at an art fair with a booth that’s bigger than his gallery. In 2011 he opened his very small space in Belleville, where he pays attention to international artist barely visible in France. But at the end, everything seems to be a question of “Coup de cœur“.

Olivier Millagou, One Way Wahine, 2016, Exhibition view, Courtesy Galerie Sultana

Galerie Sultana, Paris

Interview with Guillaume Sultana, founder of Galerie Sultana in Paris

The gallery as a laboratory for projects where artists work on their ideas, that’s how Guillaume Sultana describes the role of a gallery today. Rooted in the history of Paris as one of the most traditional places for art, Guillaume Sultana sees Belleville as the ideal place for his gallery to build a network and to strengthen the artist’s visibility through that synergy.

Manuel Scano Larrazabal Exhibition view, Pantomime, pact, 2016, Copyright Cerise Doucede, Courtesy Pact

Galerie Pact, Paris

Interview with Charlotte Trivini and Pierre-Arnaud Doucède, founders of Galerie Pact in Paris

Galerie Pact in Marais, Paris, is not even six months old. It opened in April 2016 with a particular exhibition format: for every show, the two founders Charlotte Trivini and Pierre-Arnaud Doucède create a dialog between the artist and someone else, be it an artist from the past, or a professional from another field. Here they told us about their beginning and their future.

The Old Thing, Installation view, Courtesy Galerie Crèvecoeur

Galerie Crèvecoeur, Paris

Interview with Axel Dibie and Alix Dionot-Morani, founders of Galerie Crèvecoeur in Paris

Paris the “grande dame“ who always seems to stay a young girl became a strong hub for artists during the last years. The perfect place for Galerie Crèvecoeur which is placed in Bellville, Paris accumulator for emerging galleries. Founded in 2008 by Axel Dibie and Alix Dionot-Morani the gallery represents a program of french and international artists.

Piotr Makowski, Modern Series, Courtesy the artist and Antoine Levi, Paris, Photo: Claire Dorn

Antoine Levi, Paris

Interview with Antoine Levi, founder of the gallery Antoine Levi in Paris

A train to Paris, a Frenchman, an Italian woman, a cat: the start of a new gallery for contemporary art in Belleville. Antoine Levi told us the story of his Galerie Antoine Levi, keeping the suspense about the future and a new location.

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