Cinnnamon, Rotterdam

Interview with Pieter Dobbelsteen, founder of the gallery Cinnnamon in Rotterdam

An artist coming back from Australia after a few years, a city in constant evolution, a pinch of cinnamon that stimulates the senses. These are the ingredients of the successful beginning of Cinnnamon, a contemporary art gallery founded by Pieter Dobbelsteen in Rotterdam in 2015. Here the whole story.

Doug Ashford, Installation view at Wilfried Lentz

Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam

Interview with Wilfried Lentz, founder of the gallery Wilfried Lentz in Rotterdam

Wilfried Lentz shows us around his gallery, his office on the third floor, the main exhibition space on the second level, and at the end, up to the 4th floor, to the „panopticon“, a more intimate space with small windows and a view of the Rotterdam harbour. „Entering the gallery is like a ritual“, Wilfried Lentz will say a little bit later in our conversation.

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