Laveronica, Modica

The city of Modica, in Sicily, is a World Heritage Site, known for its Baroque architecture and its chocolate inspired by the Aztec original recipe for Xocoatl. Here Corrado Gugliotta has created a venue for contemporary art, a gallery in which he makes a statement through socially meaningful art.

Laveronica, Modica

Tell us the story of your gallery

I founded the gallery in 2007 in the beautiful Sicilian city of Modica. Since the beginning the gallery program has investigated the human condition by collaborating with a number of artists who are interested in political and social art. Given the location of the gallery, we work with artists from the Mediterranean, such as Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, Croatia, Libya, or with artists who have connections with this region through their research and their sensibility. Svevia D’Antonio  joined the gallery as an assistant and in 2016 she became a partner.

What is your background?

I studied Political Science to become a social worker. Now I’m a gallery owner.

The moment you fell in love with art

I hung out in the art world as a young boy, but I definitely fell in love with art when I realized that through my work as a gallerist I could take a ‘position’ and also help to criticize and question the world in which I live.

What does “Laveronica” mean?

The name comes from the biblical image of the veil of Veronica and the legend of the “true icon”. I chose it because I thought the direct reference to the image was interesting, and I liked that the gallery had a feminine proper name, as if it were a creature.

What are the pros and cons of having a gallery in Modica?

Although I deeply love the place where I live, and working here allows me to stay close to my loved ones, I think that the geographic location of a gallery today has very little importance. What matters is the content, and the ability to carry out a serious program with serious artists that can have the same issues in New York as in Reggio Calabria.

What kind of space have you chosen for your gallery?

The gallery space is on the ground floor of an old building in the historic center of Modica. It is a place with great charm that gives much energy to artists and visitors. There is also a natural cave where we present audio installations, video, and performance. It is a space that is connected with its territory.

If you had not opened a gallery, what would you have done, or what might you like to do?

I can not imagine myself otherwise. My work as a gallerist is my destiny.

What is a dream that you would like to accomplish one day

I do what I love to do, and this allows me to realize my dreams every day.